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Why Every Car Should Have an Emergency Roadside Kit

When you are traveling or commuting long distances, having a roadside emergency kit can mean the difference between being stranded for hours and getting onto the road again. It is the one thing very vehicle should never be without. Still, most of us never carry the essential items to help us when we need to get back on the road hastily and without harm.

A simple roadside emergency kit should include the following items:

• Motor oil
• A bottle of coolant
• A blanket
• Jumper cables
• Triangle reflectors and flares.
• A first-aid kit
• A flashlight
• Extra batteries
• A toolkit
• A sealant like…
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Tire Rotation

No matter the kind of driver, all vehicles experience wear and tear. The most wear comes in the form of tread wear on your tires. You may notice uneven wear on your tires meaning you are overdue for a tire rotation. Usually, the rear tires don’t have as much wear on them as the front ones do. You should have a tire rotation as often as you take your vehicle in for its regularly scheduled maintenance. One major benefit is that it begins to fix the problem of uneven wear on your tires. This makes the life span of…
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Why is a Windshield an Essential Item to Fix

A windshield is an essential feature of your car and something that you need to have fixed as soon as an issue arises, from the smallest crack to a completely shattered windshield. Sometimes by proactively addressing the windshield damage early on you will be able to avoid a more significant problem down the line.

Here are some of the major problems that can arise from a broken windshield:

- An obstructed view of the road leading to accidents
- Tickets from Police Officers for not having a clear windshield
- Spread of cracks from minor damage to more significant damage
- requirement of having…
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Upgrade Your Driving Experience With the 2017 Ford Fusion

Offered in a wide array of models and specifications, the Ford Fusion is a perfect blend between style, performance, and affordability. The 2017 Ford Fusion has been designed to offer a modern and sharp look and feel, guaranteed to turn heads. User the hood, you’ll find a powerful motor that offers a plethora of admired environmental solutions such as above average MGP (in both the city and on the highway). Feel free to choose between the 1.5, 2.0, 2.7, and 3.0 liter engine models, along with a multitude of other options to adjust to make…
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The Stylish Ford Escape

 No more choosing between a powerful SUV and a small convenient compact car. With the all new 2017 Ford Escape it offers drivers the best of both worlds. Although the Escape is an SUV, most models give you the gas mileage of a small car. Many models are getting much more than 20 miles per gallon on the city streets and more than 25 miles per gallon on the highway which is great for an SUV. It has a max seating capacity of 5 which makes it the perfect vehicle for traveling with. The towing capacity is around 1500 to…
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2017 Ford Focus

 2017 is set up to be a glorious year, and you're looking to make an educated decision as you purchase a new vehicle. The 2017 Ford Focus has an inspiring design, responsive driving dynamics and driver-assist technology that transforms driving into a comfortable and fun experience. Ford has meticulously crafted another tech savvy award winning sedan to add to its historic lineup. With cross traffic alert, assisted parking, and lane-keeping technology, the 2017 Ford Focus brings cutting-edge driving technology while keeping you connected with its hands-free SYNC 3 system. 
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Car for the New Professional - 2017 Ford Fiesta


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Are you looking for a new car just out of college? Something on a budget with good gas mileage that gets you where you need to go? Look no further than the 2017 Ford Fiesta.

This car is a great deal in order to not break the bank. Starting out at $13,660 will get you in the door, and the gas mileage is great with 27 in the city and 35 on the highway. Looking for that edge with technology? The 2017 Ford…
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