Make Sure You Keep Your Vehicle's Fuel Tank Topped Off This Winter

Many of us try and cut corners where we can to make it by these days, one of the more popular ways to shave a few bucks off expenses is to run your vehicle with a mostly empty fuel tank. A lighter vehicle means better fuel efficiency and fuel can be heavy.

There are some serious drawbacks and potential hazards to driving with a nearly empty fuel tank, especially in the winter. Putting aside the dreaded risk of running out of fuel in the winter, leaving you stranded and cold, the empty space inside of a fuel tank is not empty. Water vapors hang out inside of your fuel tank's empty space and will gather together to form droplets of water that will settle down to the bottom of your fuel tank. Water is heavier than fuel, and once it gets into your lines, it can freeze and destroy the entire fuel system.

Make sure your vehicle gets the care it needs for this winter season by bringing it in to Scott Ford today.

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