The Most Important Car Safety Feature

Backup cameras, forward-warning radar, and blind-spot monitors are the latest high-tech safety features in automobiles. Yet, your car's most important safety feature is its tire tread. One tire engineer said, "...there's no component that can improve performance as much as a set of tires."

Tire tread is important for many reasons. First, tire tread affects cornering. New tire tread is 10/32 of an inch thick. Research shows that tread worn to 4/32nds reduces a car's cornering ability in wet conditions.

Second, tire tread influences braking distance. A vehicle with new tires can stop in 195 feet when traveling at highway speed. The same vehicle with 2/32nds of tire tread needs 379 feet to stop.

Finally, tread affects hydroplaning. The grooves of new tires channel water away quickly. This prevents hydroplaning. As the tread decreases, the shallower grooves are less able to disperse water. This increases the odds of hydroplaning.

The trained technicians at Scott Ford can assess your tires and recommend the right replacements when needed. Call our service center in Kingwood for an appointment and keep the most important safety feature on your car safe--your tire tread.
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