Why a Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Makes Sense

The purchase of a vehicle is a big decision. You probably weighed out the pros and cons of purchasing it until you've made your buying decision. You knew you were taking on a responsibility when you bought it, and you need to take care of it now. Fortunately, our team at Scott Ford is here to simplify the ownership experience.

You can utilize your vehicle maintenance schedule to know when you have to have certain things serviced for your car. The schedule will let you know when these need to be performed. Make sure that you consult it in order to keep your vehicle in top condition so it will last longer.

We take pride in how we work on cars. Our excellent mechanics know what your vehicle maintenance schedule is all about. When you trust our service center, we know that you will love our job. We are located conveniently at 17812 Veterans Memorial Highway in Kingwood, WV; you just need to call us in order to make an appointment to bring your vehicle in.

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