All About Brake Pads

Anyone who has driven a vehicle knows and understands the importance of the brake system and understands that the brake system needs routine maintenance, but what are brake pads and how do they work? Below is an explanation of what brake pads are and how they work within the braking system:

  • Brake Pads- Brake pads are pads that make contact with the wheel when the braking system is activated. When the braking system is activated the calipers squeeze the spinning rotor causing the wheel to stop and slow, brake pads are attached to the calipers and act as a friction buffer.
  • Replacement- Because brake pads act as a friction buffer they will wear out due to use and will need to be routinely replaced. How often they need to be replaced depends on how the vehicle is driven and in what conditions the vehicle is driven. Most brake pads will need to replaced anywhere between 25,000 and 70,000 miles.

At Scott Ford we want to make sure all drivers are safe on our roadways, if you have any questions or concerns regarding brake pads come visit our service center in Kingwood, WV and speak with one of our experts.

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